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Professional Carpet Cleaning, "Are you getting what you are paying for?"

To answer this question you need to know what the five steps of cleaning are according to IICRC standards.

What is IIRCRC?

IICRC or The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification sets the standards for the industry of carpet cleaning, water restoration, fire restoration, carpet installation, and etc...

Step one is a pre-vacuum. Vacuuming removes about 70% of soils in your carpet. Thats due to the fact that 70% of soil in your carpet is non-soluble, meaning it can't be broken down by chemicals. This is either done by you or a professional cleaner. By doing it yourself you should be able to save some money.

Step two is the pre-spray. The pre-spray is most likely a traffic lane cleaner that should be sprayed down evenly so you get a thorough clean. It is also important that the carpet technician knows how to properly mix the chemicals, and also knows how to identify carpet fibers so that the correct chemicals are used.

Step three is agitation. This step is often skipped, but is probably one of the most important steps. This is done with a carpet rake after the pre-spray. Picture trying to clean your stove or bath tub. Do you just spray and wipe clean or is there some scrubbing involved? Without agitation you are getting only a surface clean, at best.

Step four is time. Just about all chemicals have some sort of dwell time. This is usually achieved by pre-spraying and properly agitating multiple rooms first, before step five, hot water extraction.

The fifth and final step is hot water extraction. This is done with either a portable or truck mounted machine. If a portable machine is used the cost should be fairly inexpensive, however the clean cannot be compared to the clean you can get from a truck mounted machine, due to the powerful vacuum and the extreme heat that it produces.

When a company states that they have certified technicians this means that their technicians can identify carpet fibers, know which chemicals will clean the best without damaging fibers, and knows the necessary steps to achieve the best clean possible.

Bottom Line - You wouldn't have a technician fix your electrical system or boiler or etc... unless he or she was certified in that industry.

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carpet cleaning nh new hampshire, carpet cleaners nh new hampshire, professional carpet cleaning nh new hampshire, best carpet cleaners nh new hampshire

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